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Time for roof replacement

roof replacement is done after several years of a roofs life depending on the type of roof used, there are several ways to know that your roof is no longer serving its purpose, this reasons include; cracked, curling, missing or loose shingles, water is seen in the attic after heavy rains, shingle decay, mold or mildew growth on the roof and visible stains on interior walls or ceilings as a sign of water going through the roof.

Replacement will require the homeowner to change the shingles or roofing tiles that are defective or change the whole roof if it has reached its useful age.


Metal roofing

Roof Replacement Guys offers metal as a great investment in long life and durable roofing that doesn’t need a lot of maintenance and replacement, metal roofs protect against fire and harsh weather conditions and they also reflect sunlight to reduce cooling costs in the summer and insulate during winter seasons. They also come in different colors and designs that suit a customer needs and specifications. Metal roofing last up to 60 years before replacement is done


Other roofing types

We at Roof Replacement Guys also offer roof replacement for the other roofing types which include; composite or Asphalt shingles made of fiberglass mat topped with asphalt and mineral granules, they are known to last to more than 30 years before they start asking for replacement. Rolled roofing is the mainstay of outbuildings and less attractive structures and low slope residential roof, they come in rolls and they are a fast and cheap way to roof a building like a shed or workshop. They are used in construction where beauty is not of that much importance. They also last up to 40 years and ca always be repainted after some time. Green roofing pus oxygen back into the house and provide insulation to the house, they also absorb water and allow your grow plants on the roof, they are durable due to their decomposable nature since they absorb a lot of water and plants can grow on them. Finally we have slate roofs which are made of real stone and look amazing on the house, slate is only installed by highly qualified roofing installers and can take many years before replacement if well maintained.

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The roof is very important in protecting your home and everything inside the house including your family. Anytime your house roof is compromised immediate repair or replacement action should be taken to ensure safety of the house inhabitants is not threatened.

Always ensure you hire the services of a registered contractor for all your roofing replacement works, ensure that the contractor is registered and qualified and whether they carry insurance and other positive preferences before hiring them to replace your house or any other buildings roof.

roof replacement should always be done when the weather conditions are nice to avoid damaging the properties in the house in case of bad weather such as strong winds and storms. This also ensures the safety of the workers replacing the roof.

It is always advisable never to add a new roof on top of the older roof during replacement. This idea may seem cheap but always comes with many risks since the contractor is not able to inspect the decking and other structural damages which might have occurred.

Roof Replacement Guys will always be there for all your roof replacement needs. Reach us on 888-558-3142 for more information on roof replacement.

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