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Choice of a roofing system during replacement

Choice of a roofing materials depends on several factors, cost, quality and durability are mainly put into consideration in order to get the best out of the roofing replacement. Roofing material aesthetics and architectural styles are also very crucial in choice of the roofing material. The best roofing system will balance all the above considerations and also fit the need of the customer. We Roof Replacement Guys in Rowan, IA always ensure we provide a wide variety of roofing systems and materials for our customers to choose from.


Types of roofing materials

Roof Replacement Guys offer different types of roofing materials in Rowan, IA to fit the Roof Replacement needs of all customers, the roofing materials include;

Asphalt shingles, they dived into organic shingles which are made up of cellulose fiber base that is saturated with asphalt and coated with minerals of different colors to bring a unique color for each customer, fiberglass shingles are made of fiberglass mat, top and bottom layers of asphalt and mineral granules. This roofing is fire resistant and available in laminated and architectural designs.

The other type of roofing material available at Roof Replacement Guys in Rowan, IA is wood shingles and shakes made from cedar, redwood and southern pine. Shingles are made using machines while shakes are handmade and have a rougher texture.


Other types of roofing materials

Tile roofing materials are also commonly used and available at Roof Replacement Guys, they are durable since they are made of clay or concrete, and they are also available in different colors and finishes. If one wants to replace an existing roof with tile they will have to ascertain if the roof will be able to accommodate the weight of tile roofing since they are very heavy.

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Slate is another type of roofing material used commonly used in homes with steep slope is the most expensive roofing material and also indestructible.

Metal is also used as a roofing material, it’s relatively lighter and also long is also used in steep slope roofs. They are preferred since they have great resistance to adverse weather conditions and can be aesthetically pleasing.

A Roof Replacement system performance and durability has many impediments and enemies. Due to this a buyer of a roofing material needs to know on how to handle the events and conditions which may shorten the roofing’s lifespan. Also the roofing performance will depend on the roofing contractor you choose to do the installation. Roof Replacement Guys always encourage our customers in Rowan, IA to take their time in learning and evaluating the contractors. Always insist on working with professional contractors,

The home owner should also know how weather conditions affect how long a roofing replacement will occur,

Rains when not handled well result in water getting under the shingles, shakes or other roofing materials, when this water is not removed it may cause the roof structure to rot. Ultra-violet rays and heat from the sun also causes the roofing materials to wear out over time. Strong winds can lift shingles and force water and debris underneath them.

Roof Replacement Guys always ensure we offer the best roofing replacements for our clients and that the replacements we do are always of quality and durability.

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